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My Cousin’s newest little remember. Amaya. Aww look at her older sister Giaz giving her a kiss.

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Well Guess there is no New Years kiss for me.


Aw Baby. Come here. I’ll give you a kiss

Oh okay but could you come over here instead? I’m so tired since I got back. 

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My life right now.

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Well Guess there is no New Years kiss for me.

 I really miss Paiscen


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Christmas Shopping | AraBell&Unique


Grabbing her phone, AraBell walked to the little kitchen in the dorm. She had stopped talking to Unique for a while because she was mad at her; but she was over it because she had gotten over her crush on Paiscen. She smiled when she saw Unique in the kitchen, “Hey.” She said leaning on the little island. She didn’t know how she felt about the whole Kitty being pregnant thing, bit she wanted to do everything she possibly could for them, “Hey, I wanna get Jeffy, another tie.” AraBell said suddenly.

Unique really hoped that Arabell had forgiven her for the whole Paiscen incident. “Hey oh girl let me go change really quick okay?” Unique doesn’t just go and change though. She flushes the toilet quickly after locking the door. Unique had finished changing into her shopping clothes. As she had heard Ara earlier in the kitchen. “Okay let’s go girl.” she said with a huge smile on her face. “Well I’m gonna buy something special for Paiscen and get something for Joe and Tina and Chandler.” Unique pulled Arabell along with her smiling and happy that her best friend was finally on speaking terms with her.

Christmas Shopping | AraBell&Unique


AraBell got up and grabbed her purse as she and Unique were going Christmas shopping. She had mostly got what everyone asked for, but she still wanted to get a few more things. She loved to shop it was what she did when she wanted to get her mind off of things. AraBell moved her nose as she sneezed; she laughed and waited for Unique.

After exercising in the gym. She did what some would say was quite exercise. She took a long shower. Washing off all of the sweat that she had worked up. She did some yoga moves as she took a long drink of a diet shake that she had in the kitchenette.  

Unique had put on her best clothing. She was so happy to just be hanging out with Arabell again. She missed spending time with her best friend at CCD. Unique had packed her purse up. She hoped that she would have enough money to buy something for Paiscen and Kitty. Knowing that they would need all of the help that they could find.  

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